novembro 22, 2007

Fourth month

Ebi celebrated her fourth month last Wednesday... already! Time really does fly.

I am back at work, in the risk-management department of the Montepio Geral bank—Vitor is teaching, of course—and Ebi is staying with my parents during the day (praise God for grandparents!). It is a very Portuguese solution to the child-care problem. On Thursdays, though, Vitor does not have classes, and Ebi gets to stay home with her Papá.

Being parents is an adventure, and a lot of fun. Yesterday we were watching a little video we made of Ebi, still in the hospital. She has changed so much in such a short time; it’s amazing. She is different each day than she was the day before, learning new things constantly. We say, literally almost every day, "Wow, I've never seen her do that before!"

She can almost sit up, loves to play with her feet, shows great interest in everything around her, is a wiggle-worm and a chatterbox. She especially likes to talk to Mom and Dad’s ceiling-fan and to try to pick the flowers off the couch upholstery. Somehow, she can never quite get a hold of them, but there is no sign of her giving up. She is a delight.

It helps that she is a very happy baby. Seriously, I do not think I have ever known anyone so giddily pleased just to be alive. She will play by herself for the longest time, as long as someone beloved is nearby, and if you talk to her or make faces at her, she breaks into these fabulous goofy grins. She will smile for just about anybody interesting (but she saves a special smile for Papá at the end of the day), and if you make her laugh too hard, she shrieks (loud, high-pitched, happy shrieking, which she really enjoys the sound of... Mommy less so!). One of the things she loves best right now is touching peoples' faces, and Papá is a favourite: his face tickles because of the goatee!

Basically, she is a huge blessing and a miracle. She is without a doubt her own person already, with her own personality and opinions unlike our own—though she is like us, too, of course: my face, Vitor’s eyes. We thank God for giving us the privilege (and responsibility!) of caring for her.

We appreciate your prayers, good wishes and love, and pray you are also doing well. Beijinhos and abraços (hugs) to all!


novembro 14, 2007

4 meses

A Ebi completa hoje 4 meses de idade.
Riam com a última capacidade dela:

novembro 04, 2007

Isn't she beatiful?

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