fevereiro 28, 2006

Our first flower

I don't want to speak too soon, but I may have overcome my "brown thumb"... The plant we receved from Vitor's mother has bloomed beautifully, despite being almost exclusively under my care!

fevereiro 20, 2006

Flores que cantam

Vídeo enviado por vpmota

Quando as palavras são desnecessárias...

ps.- To the flower of my life

fevereiro 15, 2006

Happy not-Valentine's-day

Valentine's Day is a nice holiday. A nice chance to do something special with your significant other. . . if you actually have a significant other. . . if you don't, well. . .

Valentine's day used to be one of the more depressing days of the year for me.

So this message is (mostly) for all of our friends who are not dating or married or romanticly involved. This is my day-after-Valentine's-day-when-you-feel-unloved-and-unloveable pep-talk:

Have a wonderful day! You are a great, fun, special person (otherwise you wouldn't be our friend and put up with our sillynesses), and, most of all, you can be a *complete* person. However much the world would like you to believe that a great romantic relationship will solve all your problems and fill that "empty space" in your life, it isn't true. Deep down inside you probably know (from past experience, in many cases) that it isn't true.

Go out and find something you love to do and do it. Get a really great hobby. . . that thing that you always wanted to do or go back to doing or whatever. Have coffee with a friend who loves you. Do something nice for yourself. Better yet, do something nice for someone else. Have coffee with a friend who needs cheering up! Serve others. Even if you start for "selfish" reasons, you might be amazed at how quickly you really start caring about the other person and how good that makes you feel.

And I think you might consider, really consider, the idea that there is a God who loves you more than any person ever could and wants to have a relationship with you and has a purpose for your life. . . even if you've already dismissed that idea out of hand. I don't mean go to church hoping you'll feel like you did a good deed. I just believe that if someone is honestly interested in finding out about God, they almost certainly will.

And for those of you who are responsible, loving, fabulous examples of healthy single people (if you want to know who you are, ask, I won't write it here for fear of forgetting a name), keep it up. We love you and pray for you and you need to know how much we (and especially other singles!) look up to and admire you. It's hard to do. Keep leaning on God, because you know He's what keeps you strong.

And if you're feeling down on yourself and need somebody to talk to. . . give us a call.

fevereiro 10, 2006

Parabéns Austin

A Austin está de parabéns porque fez todas as cadeiras que tinha para o 1º semestre e com umas notas bastante razoáveis. Eis o que fez: Comércio Internacional, Economia do Trabalho, Economia Industrial I, Economia Pública I e Economia dos Recursos Naturais.
Como podem ver, ela está especialista em "economias". Vamos ver se aplica alguma coisa em... casa!:)

fevereiro 03, 2006

A nossa linda Terra

Para quem gosta de imagens do planeta Terra, há um local onde se podem ver imagens de satélite.
Terra vista de satélite.
Estas imagens são interessantes porque nos permitem ver a Terra no momento real e se esperarmos (e actualizarmos) podemos ver o seu movimento de rotação.

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