outubro 22, 2005

Good morning...

...It's very early in the morning (for me. It's actually nearly 9am) but I'm here looking out the varanda doors at the grey sky and rain-washed city of Odivelas. Vitor is still asleep, which is good because we've both been busy lately.

We're well into our seventh month of marraige, and we have so much to be thankful for...God has really been good to us. We have a new house, great families who love us, good friends, we're both employed, and in jobs that we both (normally) like...

So basically I'm just writing to say: God is good!

Thanking God for all of you on this lovely Seattle-ish morning,

outubro 15, 2005

Finally, we made it!

Yes, on thursday we signed the morgage of our apartment in Odivelas! Because in Portugal it's "normal" (but not legal) to buy a house and declare an inferior value for tax purposes, Vitor didn't want to do that and the process was delayed. The nice thing is, with this situation, we lived in an apartment, only paying water, gas and electricity! We also had the opportunity to witness to the construction company and to the bank that there are people who "swim against the current"!

outubro 08, 2005

Saturday at the da Silva Mota's...

Autumn has finally come to Portugal. Maybe the temperatures will drop and the fires will finally stop... 300,000 acres burned this year. It's awful.

Anyway, in more pleasant news, we are doing well. Vitor is preparing his sermon for tomorrow, I'm finishing my Sunday school lesson...then I'm (we're) going to clean the house.

um abraço,

outubro 07, 2005

Anelar Eclipse October 3rd 2005

This week, an an anelar eclipse was visible in some places in Portugal. Here are some photos that we copied from the following site: http://ovni.do.sapo.pt/principal/Astronomia/eclipses/Eclipse3OUT2005_imagens.htm


outubro 05, 2005

Good Morning, World!

Welcome to our new blog!

Today, the aniversary of the begining of the Portuguese Republic (full of beaurocratic splendor since 1910), we're trying to take advantage of the day off to rest and relax, but we're still busy. Vitor has to prepare his lesson plan for the IBP tomorrow and start his sermon on James 5:1-6 for Sunday. I have to make some calls and fill out a couple of forms for AJUCO, do readings and a problem set for school, and take care of other little miscellaneous things. But if we get everything done, we have a coupon for cheap movie tickets tonight...

Hope you all have a good day, too!


p.s. We've decided to use this blog, instead of my livejournal, to post our news. This one will let us post photos, plus it has more flexible formating options and is more fun in general.

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